Texas Casino Slots debate underway

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(April Castro via Las Vegas Sun) AUSTIN, Texas –Allowing video slots gambling at horse and dog racing tracks would create rural jobs and boost Texas’ position in the national horse racing scene, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs testified Monday.

Both Rep. Ron Wilson, D-Houston, and Rep. Jim Pitts, R-Waxahachie, laid out separate proposals to a House education committee that would allow the state to tax video gambling at horse and dog tracks to help pay for public education. Republican Gov. Rick Perry detailed a similar proposal as part of larger package earlier this month.

Lawmakers, called back into session last week by Perry, are looking for ways to replace decreased property taxes in the state’s public education budget.

While some have argued that video gambling is not a stable source of revenue, Combs told the committee that the proposal would be a huge economic boon to the state’s equine industry.