The All New Craze – 80 Ball Bingo Game

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If you are an avid bingo player then there is good news for you – there is an all new kind of bingo game that you are surely going to enjoy – it is the 80 ball bingo game. This new kind of game has brought a lot of excitement and craze among the online bingo players. The 80 ball game is just perfect, as compared to just a few 75 ball bingo game and the too many 90 ball game. This new game world is definitely a cutting edge over the other games in the online bingo world.

What’s new about the 80 ball bingo game?

This is considered to be a different type of bingo game because it doesn’t make use of the traditional bingo cards style. Instead, it uses the unique cards styles that are often known as the shutter boards. At the time when the announcement of the bingo numbers is made, all you need to do is cover them with the slides. You don’t need to mark the bingo numbers just like it is done in the traditional game. The bingo cards constitute of four rows and four different columns. Each one of the bingo cards is clearly defined with the use of different colors ranging from yellow, red, blue, and silver.

Another reason for the popularity of online 80 ball bingo is that it is very convenient to play this game. All you need to do is purchase the bingo cards by clicking at the ‘selector’ button. It really doesn’t matter as to how many bingo cards; you would like to play with. Purchasing the cards is easy, all you need to do is click on the ‘buy’ button. If you have already bought the bingo card successfully, then you will find a ‘purchased’ sign displayed. You can start playing the game, once you are done with buying the bingo card.

The call board of the game is quite similar as that of the 75 ball bingo game, with just a few alterations. The call board of the 80 ball bingo game consists of 5 rows and 16 numbers. This provides you with 80 probable combination numbers. These numbers are split into four groups and each group is further represented by a distinct color. The ‘interval’ for this new game is 20. For the color red, it is 1-20, for blue it is 41-59, for yellow it is 21-40, and for silver it is 60-80.

The 80 ball bingo game constitutes of unique game patterns that you can choose from. It is different from the other kinds of bingo games available. The patterns may vary greatly depending on the different games. The 80 bingo game includes the full 80 cards which is quite similar to the concept of the 70 ball bingo game blackout and the full house of the 90 ball bingo game. Some of the other patterns include horizontal, diagonal, and vertical lines. The 80 ball bingo games also constitutes of several other patterns which include double line, big X, letter s and much more. There are too many possibilities of you winning this game.