The Legendary Doyle Brunson rakes in record-shattering $800,000 Televised Pot

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Doyle Brunson took down the biggest pot in TV history against Cirque du Soleil billionaire Guy Laliberté in one of the latest episodes of High Stakes Poker, the popular televised cash game, which attracts the game’s top players, as well as one particular billionaire amateur. It started when Doyle raised to $11,200 with Ad-Td and was called by four players. When the flop came Brunson bet $40,000 and got rid of everyone except Laliberté, who called with Ah-5h. The turn came and Brunson bet out $110,000, only to be raised to $310,000 and put close to all-in by the circus magnate.

In true Super System fashion, Brunson pushed the remainder of his chips into the pot. The players decided to run the river twice, but neither card could help Laliberté and Doyle took home the biggest pot in High Stakes Poker history at $818,100.

Just when you think Tex Dolly has amassed every possible trophy, medal, record and accolade in the world of poker, he manages to surprise us again, just as he’s been doing for over 50 years.