The National Lottery, Where Age Is No Barrier

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It seems that age is no barrier to winning the National Lottery, once you’re over 16 and old enough to play, that is!

Top Teenage Lottery Millionaires
Teenage millionaires include 16 year olds Tracy Makin (who won £1.1m) and Callie Rodgers (who won £1.8m). Callie discovered her good fortune while dog-sitting for a friend, and said she was literally ‘jumping and screaming’ when she realised she had won. Careful Callie, you might wake the dog!

Top teenage winner to date is Stuart Donnelly, who scooped £1,923,077 back in 1997, when he was just 17. Stuart was working as a lab assistant in Glasgow when he won the cash, and celebrated with a big glass of Coca Cola rather than champagne, as he was too young to legally drink! The canny Scot, however, had one regret; he bought five tickets for the draw. As he said at the time, ‘I could have saved myself £4!’

The Oldest UK Lottery Winners
Great-grandfather Bob Bradley from Wales had decided to stay in rather than celebrate his 83rd birthday at his club, and couldn’t believe his eyes when his numbers came up. Bob won an impressive £3,570,063, his share of a Lotto Double Rollover jackpot in March 2006. However, this octogenarian reckoned he was always a winner ‘I already felt like I had a won the jackpot before that Saturday night – I’ve got good health and a wonderful family. No amount of money can buy that.’

Not that Bob is the oldest UK lottery oldest winner; in December 1999, 87 year old Gracie Vera Coulson won £1,090,387. Better than a pension any day!

National Lottery syndicates breed success!
What could be better than sharing your National Lottery win with all your friends, especially if they’ve won too! One in four National Lottery jackpots are won by syndicates, so why not find some mates and form your own syndicate today

Most Successful UK Lottery Syndicates
Syndicates have a good track history of winning in the UK lottery, although of course the amount each member gets depends on how many people are in the syndicate! The most successful syndicate to date held the winning ticket to the draw on 10 June 1995. Two friends from Brighton, Paul Maddison and Mark Gardiner, shared the biggest prize in Lottery history, a mind-bending £22,590,829.

National Lottery Winners Keep it in the Family
The Benson family did pretty well too, when they won just over £20 million only a month later. Two former Welsh coalminers won £11.5m on a Wednesday UK lottery draw in July 2006. John Sickerman and John Stinchcombe have been friends for 40 years, and lived next door to each other on the same street until just 10 days before the win. Obviously the Welsh were in luck that week, as on the Saturday draw, a syndicate of ex-police officers won a respectable £136,672 on Lotto.

The Luckiest Syndicate of All
All sorts of winning syndicates have been formed, from Swan Hunter Shipyard workers, to potters and council workers. Perhaps the luckiest syndicate of all were twelve shop workers in derby, who held one of three winning tickets for the 2005 Christmas Eve Lotto Superdraw. Problem was, in all that Yuletide excitements, they forgot to check their ticket, and it languished in a plastic beaker sitting in the shop. Only when the local paper revealed that a winning ticket was unclaimed in their area did they check the ticket-stuffed beaker, and discovered they had won!